Firefox OSTizen 2.0 in Hand

This year looks revolutionary in mobile world. This year we will see smartphones running two new open source mobile operating systems. One is Tizen and another one is Firefox. They both will try to compete with Google’s Android operating system which is also an open source project and Apple’s iOS. I expect that Tizen will not fail like its predecessors “Meego, Limo” because this time The Linux Foundation is behind it and as we all know TLF always comes up with great software. Both Tizen and Firefox OS are open source, the source code will be freely available to customize, giving mobile carriers and developers an opportunity to make changes according to their needs. Android is also the same (open source) but Tizen and Firefox are being managed by non-profit organizations.

Some mobile carriers are planning to launch smartphones running Tizen OS in 2013. An executive of Orange named “Yves Maitre” said in a conference that they will launch Tizen smartphones by the end of this year. Sprint has not planned anything on Tizen yet but since it is the member of Tizen association so it’s obvious that they will also make Tizen based phones.

From the images of Tizen 2.0 phone we can see that the look and feel of Samsung’s Tizen is quite similar to Google’s Android except that the app icons are rounded instead of square. Another thing to note is that installed applications will be accessible from home sceen and there will be a home button for navigation, both of these things are same like iOS. Hope Apple won’t sue them again ;)

A good new for developers is that the platform will support native apps as well as the apps based on HTML5. Tizen community is also working on an App market which will be like Google Play Store and they have said that at the time of launching Tizen based phones the app market will be ready with thousands of applications.